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I haven’t been to the dealer as it is some distance away and it is inconvenient given my busy life. Also I would have thought that, as we have access to My Toyota and its upgrading system, this would be the route to follow. I love my new Prius but I feel let down by seemingly poor software. I expect a solid, reliable and easy to use software support system and not one where I have to trail off to the dealer. I was wondering how much it would cost to have this system installed. I have to say that this “system” is an unmitigated disaster and most of the comments confirm this. I fail to see why at each service when the car is Toyota GB don’t do this if it is so simple.

You will be able to submit a change, Navteq will then drive the route and plan it for a future update. However, it takes 18 months to plot/plan and roads are done on a priority basis. If you do log your issue, once something is fixed/mapped you will get a notification which means it will be on an update soon. driver for Windows 10 free download I would appreciate some help here as visiting my dealer is very inconvenient.

I have asked if it can be done on guarantee – dealer promised to ask Toyota manufacturer. I am waiting for answer from dealer but it looks that nav system has a lot of space for improvement. Smart repairs wether by Toyota dealers or Chips Away are not suitable for bonnet repairs and three part touch up paints are very noticeable. Any sat nav software for Toyota vehicles should recognise full UK postcodes. If you’re having serious issues with this please contact customer relations and they should be able to help advise further. However, functions like this should be able to be demoed by local dealers. Thanks for getting in touch and we’re sorry to hear that you’re having problems with your Prius.

Local dealer replaced hardware and reinstall software without any additional cost. We’re so sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems and we would have to advise staying in contact with your local Toyota dealer in order to solve this issue. During updating nav system power was interrupted and process failed. I could not restart process therefore I asked dealer to perform update. Unfortunately they are not able to recover system and informed me that I need to buy new hardware.

Thanks for your patience while we’ve looked into this for you. Without being able to assess the car ourselves, it would seem a replacement is needed. We would recommend re-visiting your Toyota centre to discuss this further with them as they are best equipped to assess the car and make any necessary recommendations.

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As soon as they have this information they will be able to update you on the situation. We’ve passed your contact details on to our Multimedia team and they will contact you shortly. If you could please provide a VIN number, we will be able to assist you further. Also I am unable to register my multimedia system on MyToyota as it is not accepting the device ID. I can pair with bluetooth ok and have enabled wifi hotspot on my phone but I do not see the option to connect to internet. I am getting an error below after selecting to update UK maps only and inserting the usb stick please help.

The update should have been updated to 6.8.1 at the Pre-Delivery Inspection. Therefore we would recommend speaking with your local dealer totake it back for the 6.9.0 update free of charge. Please advise them of your contact with us and this shouldn’t be an issue.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to upgrade a Touch 2 with Go system to Touch 2 with Go Plus. The Navi Box for the Plus system is under a different Part Number. Additionally, there could some additional complications, e.g. the Plus system offers voice recognition, which would only work if there is the relevant button on the steering wheel. You can adjust (e.g. increase) the volume whilst a Traffic Announcement is being broadcasted.

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If you need any further multimedia assistance we would recommend contacting or calling . We’re sorry to hear you’re unhappy with the service you’ve received. We’ve referred your case to customer relations and we have a record of your Father’s telephone number and your email address. The new car does have the buttons on the steering wheel etc. Is it possible to swap the Navi Box with the old car as that is still at the dealers? Thanks for getting in touch and we’re sorry to hear you haven’t managed to get an answer sooner.

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Our technical team have advised that it’s likely you haven’t registered your ‘Device ID’ to your MyToyota account and therefore the system is showing you the latest free update. Once you have registered your ‘Device ID’ the latest paid update will show (6.9.0).

We would suggest trying several TA volume settings until you get to a satisfactory level (depending how loud you prefers to receive the TA’s). As I have a work around I can live with it but if it’s a bug perhaps your software designers could fix it for the next release. Can we ask you to double check that the unit is definitely Touch 2 and and not Touch. Thanks for getting in touch and we’re very sorry your local Toyota Centre couldn’t help. Our multimedia team are waiting for a follow up email after your visit to a local dealership.